Emily Vigil at Merging Hearts Art Gallery

Visual artist Emily Vigil presents Reciprocity, nature paintings and mixed media art.

"Composed, Consumed, and Decomposed," Emily Vigil

“Composed, Consumed, and Decomposed,” Emily Vigil

Exhibit runs September 2 – October 22, 2015

Emily was inspired by Braiding Sweetgrass by botanist and author Robin Wall Kimmerer. Kimmerer writes that sweetgrass taught her “… it is not the land that has been broken, but our relationship to it. Restoration is imperative for healing the earth, but reciprocity is imperative for long-lasting, successful restoration. Like other mindful practices, ecological restoration can be viewed as an act of reciprocity in which humans exercise their caregiving responsibility for the ecosystems that sustain them. We restore the land, and the land restores us.”

Emily’s work is the result of personal experiences steeped in the locations where she paints. She explores incorporating multiple points of view and scales, from microscopic to satellite views, next to direct painted observations.

Meet the Artist” at a reception
Sunday, September 6, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Merging Hearts Holistic Center

About Emily Vigil

Emily Vigil spent parts of her childhood in Brazil, Puerto Rico, and West Virginia. Her background inspires her to explore the human connections to landscape through her artwork.  Vigil has exhibited her paintings and mixed media art for more than fifteen years.  She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from Louisiana State University and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Marshall University.  She has augmented her fine art study with a master copy inside the Louvre Museum in Paris, France and a painting marathon at the New York Studio School, New York City.

Vigil has been awarded a number of grants for her community-based art exhibitions and installations.  This year she has been implementing grant-funded programming and exhibit design at Exploration Gateway Museum at the county parks agency.  In 2008-2009 she created Constellations of Women, an exhibit funded by the county art agency ArtsinStark, and completed a mural with grant-funding from the City of Canton.  In 2006 she was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

Besides pursuing her own painting, Vigil is also an experienced arts professional.  She currently works as events coordinator and Studio M Coordinator for the Massillon Museum.  Her past arts experience includes positions as gallery director, adjunct professor of art and design, and elementary art teacher.

This method is a way to carefully observe and learn through the painting process. In recent pieces, she has started with a collaged painting surface, incorporating pieces of newspaper. Sometimes the clippings reference environmental issues, but they also represent our culture. The thought is to encourage returning our consumed materials respectfully to the earth through composting. Purchases from that series will result in a donation to community gardening programs. In other work, the newspaper images come from mountaintop removal maps published in her home state of West Virginia.

Emily can be contacted through her website, and followed on Instagram at @intimateecologystudio