“Dream Catchers” by “Willow Wise Woman” Jeanne Brooks

 “Willow Wise Woman” (Jeanne Brooks), a Shamanic Practitioner, lovingly creates her dream catchers from willow branches found at Willowdale Lake. Each branch becomes its own work of art as it speaks to her on what it wants to become. After weaving the artificial sinew, she adorns each dream catcher with feathers, beads, crystals and arrow heads. The dream catcher is then infused with Reiki energy so that it will continue to bless the family and home where it will reside.

“Blessings Through the Lens” continues through December and has now been enhanced with “Dream Catchers” by Jeanne Brooks. You may find among the pieces a gift for yourself or someone special.

A selection of framed prints and photo cards are also available for purchase. Please see Jeanne, Suzanne, Nancy or Mattie to purchase.